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Sparkup Magical Book Reader
I believe in children. I believe children need RRR to function fully, properly, and successfully to enter the adult world. I surrounded my children with books. Now I surround my grandchildren with books. I’ve read to all of them once upon a time. It brought me great joy. I keep a library of old favorites and books I am currently reading to show them I practice what I preach. I wish truly that everybody got hooked on reading.
I took a full-time job 24 days after the birth of my first-born. Free time, what is that? I wish that Sparkup, The Magical Book Reader, had been invented back then. Sentimental journeys appeal to me. What a trip down memory lane it would be for me, my daughter, and those who follow!
Sparkup is today’s technology applied to children’s picture books. It allows the reader turn the pages and read along as the story is read aloud. (Great way to reinforce reading; great way to build listening skills.) The magic of Sparkup is its camera sensing technology. Simple as 1-2-3, Sparkup requires no special software. Clip Sparkup to a book, record the page, turn to the next page then the next until the book is done. It works on any book in any language. Record in your own voice, grandpa’s, auntie’s or uncle’s. An option to download professionally pre-recorded books is also available.
Sparkup Magical Book Reader
My grandson was here for a surprise visit this weekend. He is 3 1/2, sharp, and vocal. He spotted Sparkup and several books I had planned to give him for Christmas. One was his fav Peppa Pig. He asked me to read it to him. How could I refuse? He asked me to read it again. I admit I am a soft touch. He asked me to read it again. That’s when I decided the two of us should explore Sparkup. The only problem now is finding another perfect Christmas present from Grampy and Grammy.
Sparkup Magical Book Reader
Sturdy, durable Sparkup is smart reading. Set up is simple although some supervision is required with small children. Audio quality is loud and clear although a volume control would be a plus. It is easy to use–a big thing for the technologically deficient (like me). It knows what page to read even when pages are mistakenly flipped over. Grandson AL and I enjoyed demo sample book My Magical Book Reader together then classic Shrek read by Stanley Tucci and Meryl Streep.
Now it was time to record Peppa. Trial One was a success; however, the device was so sensitive that it picked up background sounds often AL’s. Accordingly while he was out and about visiting other friends and family I re-recorded. Satisfied with the results, I kept recording. Next came Arlene Mosel’s paperback print Tikki Tikki Tembo, then a hardcover I was reviewing, then another hardcover. The only problem I experienced was on the last where the top of a few pages were blank and the device became confused.
Sparkup Magical Book Reader
As a grandma I recommend Sparkup 100%. Besides the facts that it has 250 minute availability equaling 50 storybook average, capacity, reasons are: #1 The educational experience: #2 The encouragement of imagination; #3 The building of relationships; #4 Independence in early learning. It is a tool to promote listening and build reading skills.
For more information, go to It’s available on Amazon at $59.99.

What book do you think your child would enjoy hearing recorded in your voice?

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  1. When my daughter was growing up she loved her books on tape. I think it made a big difference in her learning to read. Looks like this would be great for any young child! Her favorites were Dr. Suess books.

  2. Ohh how fun; I remember when my kids were little they had something similar and it was a lot of fun and they loved it.. this looks great; need to look at it for the little ones in our family; thanks for a great review

  3. What a great way for grandparents or deployed parents to connect with their children over the distance. I think young minds connect better when learning with a family voice too!

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