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Tips For A More Productive And Less Stressful Day
I think everyone struggles to be their most productive in the workplace from time to time. I know that when I worked out of the home it came to mind often, what with changing work guidelines, goals, needs, customers, management, pay and more. Now that I work from the home I still have to evaluate what I do during the day, and how I can be my most productive.
There‚Äôs an article on the Quill blog today that focuses on how to make the most of your day. It offers some helpful tips on productivity that will help make work less stressful and life a bit easier. No matter where you work I’ll bet there’s a tip that you will find useful. Be sure to check out the article by clicking on the link below.

5 easy steps to get more done, reduce stress and enjoy the good life

What’s your favorite productivity tip or challenge?


  1. I am most productive when I shower early am, clean, cook, and then work! Staying off social media helps me too!

  2. Those were great tips – especially take notes. Too often I think I will remember and then I’m stressed thinking I’m forgetting stuff!

  3. This is great! I am a VERY busy Mom and blogger as well as a full time worker….. it can be a daunting task each day but I manage to get through. However, I need to be more productive with less stress.

  4. I think right now it can be a bit harder for me since the kids are home since schools out. I try to get most of my work done during the day so that I have the night time to spend with my kids. It can get stressful at times, but luckily my girls always find something to do while I’m working too.

  5. Stay focused an on task all day can be pretty challenging, especially with all the distractions that happen around us. Thanks for the tips, I’ll try and use some of them.

  6. I find i am more productive when i take small breaks throughout the day. It gives me a chance to recharge my batteries.

  7. The tips are all great ideas. I like the reminder to stay engaged fully. I have trouble prioritizing and sticking with one task at a time.

  8. The best thing I do to stay focused and productive is shut out all social media while I work. If I start checking updates or replying to comments, I totally stray off task.

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