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This post is brought to you by Pley.
Pley Toy Rental Subscription

Pley Toy Rental Subscription

Age – preschool to adult
Pricing – Plans start as low as $19.99/month and all plans include free delivery and unlimited rentals.
Purchase on the Pley website.
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Pley Toy Rental Subscription
I can have a kitchen fully stocked with hundreds of different things and yet still my oldest occasionally will look at me with a straight face and inform me that there’s nothing to eat. Many kids are the same way with toys. For some children, it isn’t uncommon for today’s hottest toy to be forgotten by next week. Considering what most toys cost, that’s just a shame. Recent studies show that families will spend on average $1000 per child per year on toys. One way to avoid seeing toys just gathering dust on a shelf is to rent them instead of buy them.
Pley is the leading toy rental company. For a monthly fee, members receive unlimited toys (one at a time) delivered directly to their door. There are currently more than 400 toys available. There is a broad selection of toys available to rent, including Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droids, Wonder Workshop’s Dash & Dot Robots, and Knex. Pley pays particular attention to LEGOs, carrying over 400 sets including rare and hard to find sets. Pley’s selection is continually changing, in order to keep up with new toy releases, current trends and children’s tastes.
Pley Toy Rental Subscription
Once a child is finished playing with a Pley toy, the toy is sent back to Pley in prepaid packaging by US Mail. Upon its arrival, the next toy on the child’s Pleylist is shipped out. Before any toy is shipped out to a child it is thoroughly cleaned inside and out in between rentals. If on the off chance a LEGO brick is misplaced or lost, there is no charge for missing pieces. And, in the eventuality that your child falls madly in love with a toy and doesn’t want to return it, you can purchase it at a special price.
Not only does Pley have the potential to help parents save money, it can also reduce clutter and help the environment by lessening the amount of toys that wind up in the garbage. According to Pley, the savings in plastic alone from reduced purchases amounts to at least 240lbs fewer C02 emissions per annum per Pley member.
Pley would be a great holiday gift, whether it be for a whole year or just a month or two.

Do you know a child that Pley would be a great choice for?

Pley Toy Rental Subscription


  1. We recently started with Pley- the turnaround seems okay- about 1 a week for us; and I like that you actually get tracing progress.

  2. What a great concept! My son is too old for this now, but it could be a great idea for my niece and nephew. I was wondering as I read what would happen if a Lego piece disappeared (as legos tend to do no matter how hard you try!). I love that you aren’t charged for it. Great customer service there!

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