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I have always hosted Thanksgiving dinner for my family since I got married. The minimum amount of people we’ve ever had is six. The most we have ever had was fifteen. When we serve Thanksgiving dinner or any other holiday meal, we use my Grandma’s china. For serving we use a mish-mosh of whatever big bowls and plates we have at the time, including a giant round blue plastic platter and an oddly shaped metal platter. It doesn’t make for a nice looking table. The impression it leaves screams old. I was on the Villeroy & Boch website looking at serveware and I found a platter I really liked, as well as an entire matching set of everything. The table would look so nice all set with the matching pieces of this set. I’m sure my family would notice, because anybody that’s been here at least once would be sure to notice the nice, new, pretty dishes and real serving dishes. I’m going to mention this to my hubby and see what he says. If he isn’t into getting a whole new set I’ll see if I can finagle the serving pieces – both platters, the gravy boat and the serving bowls. But when I talk to him I’ll be smart and also tell him that all serveware items are twenty percent off until the end of this month.
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