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Food for thought.
Cottonelle #LetsTalkBums And Talk It Out
I will never forget the one and only time that I saw a bidet. I was young, and it was in a hotel somewhere. I saw this thing next to the toilet. I must have stared at it for like ten minutes before touching it. When the water shot up, I thought it was the weirdest looking sink that I’d ever seen. My Mom had to explain to me that it was not a sink, but rather, it was a bidet. She explained that it was for cleaning private areas and I laughed. To me it was, to borrow a phrase, some “funny shit”. Fast forward over thirty years to today and there is nothing funny about poop or cleaning up after it.
I have been wiping bums almost every single day for almost 18 years now. My youngest son is now almost 14. He still has issues pooping in the toilet. He doesn’t do it. So he has an accident daily. He lets me know and I clean it up. Recently things have changed a little. He still isn’t getting to the toilet, but he is at the point where he knows he’s had an accident and that it isn’t what’s supposed to happen. If I discover it first he hangs his head a little and says sorry. I know that he means that. A couple of weeks ago, he decided he was going to clean up after himself. He went into the bathroom, grabbed a roll of toilet paper and took it into his room and tried to take care of business. I went into his room to find a very messy room and a very messy boy. He tried though. This told me that maybe letting him try to independently handle things would help find a solution to this problem.
When we change our babies we always use wipes. I always have wipes in the house. Why? Because they work. I’ll use them on a nasty, hot summer day if I just want to feel a bit fresher. We always use them for my son’s behind after he’s had an accident. Yet, interestingly enough, my son chose toilet paper to try and clean up after himself. Most likely because he thought that’s what big people used. But as I mentioned, he was a mess. Why? Mostly the toilet paper didn’t do a good job. He had the right idea, it just didn’t work.
Cherry Healey has made a second video talking about cleaning your bum, it cracks me up.

I’ve decided that I’m going to let my son try and clean up after himself when appropriate. And when he does it without my knowing, LOL. But, we’re going to encourage the use of flushable cleansing cloths after the dry toilet paper. They have an upright dispenser that should make it easy for him to get what he needs without taking them all out. Why the two step routine? Because it will work better then the one step routine of just paper. I’m not sure why we stop using wipes after we’re past the toilet training stage. I’m also hopeful that by letting him be involved it may help him realize the toilet is where this should be happening.
Cottonelle #LetsTalkBums Infographic
Let’s talk bums! Do you use traditional toilet paper, or flushable wipes, or both?
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  1. We use both.
    I’m not sure why this subject seems less objectionable when Cherry Healy chips about bums in her cute English accent, but it seems charming- LOL!

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