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Mom Knows It All 2015 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - Bixbee Duffle Bags

Bixbee Shark Camo Kids Large Duffle

Price $34.99
For further information please visit the Bixbee website. You can also keep up with Bixbee on Facebook and Twitter.
There’s always use for a duffle bag. Whether your child participates in sports, is traveling, or is just going to a sleepover, duffle bags are just useful. They’re also often not the most attractive things to look at. Kids will enjoy receiving a duffle bag that’s colorful and reflects their favorite interests and hobbies, such as the Bixbee Shark Camo Large Duffle.
Bixbee is transforming the traditional duffle bag into creative play wear for children. Bixbee duffle bags allow children to embrace their imaginations while exploring, being curious, and discovering new things. These creative and fun duffle bags are excellent for traveling, sleepovers, and sports. Young children can even store their belongings in the bag for after school activities.
Just like the creatures of the deep, the shark camo collection has teeth! Stealthily stalk style with these backpacks, lunchboxes and duffels, perfect for school, sports, sleepovers and travel. Each piece features a feeding frenzy of Hammerheads, Great Whites and Tiburons; see what you can hunt down yourself. Call it fashion with bite!
Product Details:
• Perfect for sports or sleepover fun
• Easy grip comfort handle
• Adjustable over the shoulder strap
• Exterior zip pocket
• 3 interior slip pockets
• 2 easy-to-grab beehive zip pulls.
Measuring 17” wide x 9” deep x 9” high, this PVC free, phthalate free, lead free and BPA free duffle is just the right size for every day use. Bixbee Duffle Bags are also available in the Sparkalicious colors: pink, purple, turquoise, and ruby. The bags also include animal patterns: leopard and butterfly prints for girls and dinosaur prints for boys.
Mom Knows It All 2015 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - Bixbee Duffle Bags
Mom Knows It All 2015 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - Bixbee Duffle Bags


  1. This looks like a sturdy duffle bag. We need more duffle bags, my son just borrowed my good one to take on his camping trip this weekend.

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