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My son loves the Sprout Channel, and it’s newest characters, The Pajanimals. Knowing how much he enjoys the show, I was thrilled to be able to receive the opportunity to check out the latest toy from Tomy – Pajanimals Plush Toys.
Pajanimals Large Plush Toys

Just in time for the upcoming holiday season, an all-new line of toys from TOMY based on the adorable PAJANIMALS, from The Jim Henson Company and Sprout, the 24-hour preschool television channel, are now available for the first time at retail and online. A co-production with The Jim Henson Company, Sprout and Sixteen South Television, the PAJANIMALS television series airs daily on Sprout, the 24-hour preschool television channel, during The Good Night Show and on Saturday morning on NBC.
9” and 15” Plush Apollo (SRP 9” Plush – $10.99; SRP 15” Plush – $19.99)
A green and purple dog, Apollo is a natural leader, the one they all look to when the path is unclear. Filled with confidence and common sense, although at times, he can be surprisingly sensitive. When he gets hurt feelings, everything must stop while his friends carefully coax him out of his funk.
9” and 15” Plush Sweet Pea Sue (SRP 9” Plush – $10.99; SRP 15” Plush – $19.99)
Sweet Pea Sue is a pink and orange pony with very large eyes who loves order and routine. She approaches all challenges with her own little “to do” list, and sometimes needs to learn how to let go and just let things happen. The others rely on her for her wise perspective andcompassionate heart.
9” and 15” Plush Squacky (SRP 9” Plush – $10.99; SRP 15” Plush – $19.99)
Squacky is a high energy, blue and yellow duck whose mind jumps around with its own mysterious logic. Squacky is never without his Blankie, tied around his neck like a cape. A self-appointed super hero, he only truly finds his courage with a little help from his friends.
9” and 15” Plush Cowbella (SRP 9” Plush – $10.99; SRP 15” Plush – $19.99)
Cowbella is a purple and white cow that loves all things pink and princessy. Like lots of little girls, she has a vivid imagination and loves to play dress-up. She is also prone to emotional drama, and often gets lost in a cloud of big feelings. Her solution to all problems is to imagine them away, but sometimes her imagination takes her to dark places.
Snuggle Up Story Mat (SRP $29.99)
Help your child transition from play time to nap time with the Snuggle Up Story Mat. Featuring your favorite lovable Pajanimals characters, this mat includes a soft book that transforms into a pillow.

I received two Pajanimals Plush toys, a large Squacky and a small Apollo. My son loved them both but went absolutely crazy when he saw the Squacky. He immediately screamed “Squacky!” and then hugged Squacky.
Pajanimals Plush Toys - Squacky
And for those that didn’t know, hugging is often followed by kissing.
Pajanimals Plush Toys - Squacky
The Pajanimals plush toys are absolutely adorable. They’re soft and cuddly. They’re colorful and look just like they do on television. My son now carries the two toys all around the house. And of course, he sleeps with them as well. The Pajanimals plush toys would make a great gift for your little one, especially if they’re fans of the Pajanimals show on the Sprout Channel.
The Pajanimals on Sprout
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